Learning new things with Kay @teachmewhatever

Kay is the curious mind behind project @teachmewhatever which involves asking people to teach her what they know and documenting new knowledge on the blog. So far, asking this question has brought her from Antwerp to Lisbon, Barcelona, Rome, Prague, London, Brussels and now San Francisco. She moved here exactly one year ago, and now will be continuing the project here.

Graphic illustration, making chocolate truffles, being a radio host, have been some of the things people have taught. So, if there's a skill you would love to share, send Kay a DM on Instagram  or on her website

My perfect day in San Francisco would be to get a ham and cheese croissant + eclair at @tartinebakery, and then start wandering until I find an open house in the area to check out (lol, this is my favorite hobby!).  I love seeing what other SF houses look like on the inside. 

I'd end the day by getting pho at @co_nam, followed by an ice cream from @lushgelato on Polk street, and then walk home as it's only a block from my house. 

Lush Gelato

Lush Gelato

Have knowledge you'd love to share, or want to see what Kay has learned so far, check out Teach me Whatever project on Instagram or on her website