Calistoga Day 1

Calistoga is a charming little town, located in Napa Valley, known for its hot springs and great wineries. You will find a variety of wineries ranging from small family owned, like Twomey or Amici Cellars to larger and very impressive like Chateau Montelena and Castello di Amoroso. Every winter, Calistoga businesses come together and create Passport Series, that offers free wine tastings and special discounts, making winter a great time to visit Calistoga.

We’ve had a chance to experience two full days in Calistoga, and here are all the photos to give you some inspiration for an Instagram worthy trip to Calistoga.

Lunch at Calistoga Inn


They happen to have a pretty nice beer selection, so it was decided to pair our lunch with this beer flight tasting.

After lunch, we were greeted by Eric, our guide for the day, from a local tour and transportation company Vine Driven. Eric is a third generation Wine Country resident, so he really new everything and everyone in Calistoga. It really felt, like we were sightseeing with a good friend who knows all the best spots, like this secret view off of the main road.

Twomey Cellars

First winery stop is Twomey Cellars a family-owned winery known for Pinot Noir, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc. From the tasting room, you can see behind a large glass wall, the cellar itself that holds all the barrels currently in the process of fermenting.

Outdoor courtyard area at Twomey has an outdoor sitting area and a view overlooking the vineyard.

Sterling Vineyards

Sterling Vineyards is located on top of a hill, so you will board one of these sky trams and journey up the mountain.

Beautiful, lush views will be all around. If you turn around and look back, prepare to gasp at the beautiful scenery of the Napa Valley.

Yes, Sterling is one of the biggest wine producers in Calistoga. If you take a walk down the wine section at any grocery store, you will most likely find a bottle of Sterling there. Big production, requires giant barrels like this.

This outdoor patio, at Sterling Vineyards has sweeping views of the entire Napa Valley.

Amici Cellars

Our next and final stop is Amici Cellars. Eric, our driver gets us there just in time for a quick tasting. The first thing you notice are all these wine barrels, everywhere on the property. It’s a parking lot full of wine!

Amici Cellars were founded by a group of friends, and hence the name Amici means friends in Italian. For the last two decades, they make small production, premium wines, specializing in Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Red Blend and Sauvignon Blanc. Don’t forget to make an appointment before your visit.

A Walk Through Calistoga Downtown

Don’t miss all the unique and beautiful stores in Calistoga Downtown. The main street itself is fairly short, so we had a chance to stop by a few stores on the way to dinner. Check out Roam Antiques, Chicken Scratch and Blackbird.

Dinner at Bosko's Trattoria

After a long day of wine tasting, you absolutely want a hearty meal to finish the day. We went to Bosko’s Trattoria, located in Calistoga downtown. They make their pasta daily in the kitchen, and it is absolutely heavenly! We picked Basilicata – fettuccine with pine nuts and pesto sauce and Piemonte – pasta shells with Portobello mushrooms, sausage and tomato cream sauce.

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