San Francisco #CastleMeet with Splacer


Our city is an architectural gem. Almost every neighborhood has its collection of beautiful and historic buildings, and we are always thrilled to discover another layer of the old San Francisco.

Imagine our excitement when we discovered Albion Castle built 140 years ago by John Burnell who then used it as a private residence and a brewery. The most unexpected element of the castle is its network of underground caves, that contain 200 foot pools filled with fresh clean water, and during the Prohibition brewery has pivoted into a water company. 

The Castle is available for rent on Splacer, a marketplace dedicated to discovering unique spaces for special events. 

This Norman style castle has inspired us to throw a little extra special Instameet. We invited a small group of our favorite Instagramers for a part photography, part cocktail afternoon at the Castle.  To see what happened checkout photos from #castlemeet


With some help from floral designer and stylist Natasha Kolenko, who created these stunning flower arrangements, Salt & Honey Catering, who put together a delicious display of appetizers, and Anchor Distilling, who crafted an array of handsome and tasty cocktails featuring the excellent San Francisco made Junipero Gin.. Also, huge thank you to Modern Citizen for styling our team.


A very moody and deep backyard made us feel transported into a some kind of a movie scene.

We were treated to a series of delicious and very instagramable cocktails!


@fewerkinder with a drink in one hand, camera in another, while we think up how to take a proper photo. 


One of the many Castle rooms captured by @natashakolenko




#castlemeet crew


And that's a wrap! Thank you everyone for such a beautiful event and an opportunity to discover one of San Francisco's oldest landmarks.



Event Sponsors - Marketplace dedicated to discovering unique spaces for special events. 

Salt & Honey - Food that feeds the soul

Natasha Kolenko - Photo and event stylist and floral designer

Junipero Gin from Anchor Distilling - Beer and Spirit distiller located in our very own Potrero Hill neighborhood

Modern Citizen -  Destination for the modern woman, with thoughtfully designed and curated fashion and home goods, based in San Francisco. 

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