Welcome to San Francisco Day! 

Here, you will get to see San Francisco through my lens. 

My name is Sasha and I want to share with you a peek into San Francisco, from the perspective of its residents. I’ve lived in this beautiful city since 2007, and even I sometimes struggle figuring out which brunch spot to go to, where to arrange a meeting for coffee or what to do on a weekend day. Whether you live here and just want an inspiration of how to spend a fun day. Or, you are visiting San Francisco and wish to have an authentic experience outside of typical tourist trap locations. Then this place is for you!

If you just cant get enough of San Francisco, follow my Instagram accounts @sanfrancisco to see SF through my lens, as well as discover featured local photographers. On @sanfranciscoday you will find a delicious feed… . I post only after tasting  And yes, there have been times, where I’d take all these awesome photos, only to find out the food is kinda meh.

If you have any thoughts, tips or wanna get coffee, contact me.