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Day in San Francisco


Pursuing the lost art of slow and satisfied life.

Our mission, at Day in San Francisco, is to create a sense of stillness, happiness and make people pause for a second when they see our work. The modern world moves way too fast! We want people to remember and enjoy their moments wherever they are, as they are.

We help businesses and brands craft and share exciting stories on social media. Day in San Francisco has helped many companies get consumer attention and inspire audiences to try their products.

Garnering our experiences in finance, psychology, design, tech and photography, we are passionate about marketing your brand to millions of users in the most fashion-forward, tech-savvy, and engaging way. We hope to create an online community with you and your brand!

Stairway to Marshall’s Beach

Stairway to Marshall’s Beach

Saffron Cocktail at Berber in Russian Hill

Saffron Cocktail at Berber in Russian Hill

Night View of Golden Gate from Golden Gate Overlook

Night View of Golden Gate from Golden Gate Overlook


Our Team


Sasha Zvereva

Sasha’s 8-year background working as the lead User Experience and Visual Designer in San Francisco tech companies, helps her connect with her audience in a natural and design centric way.

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Teresa Barajas

Teresa has an extensive knowledge of finance and psychology. Her attention to detail, translates to eye catching food and lifestyle imagery, her audience loves so much.

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When my photography hobby met its soulmate, the Instagram app.


I will always remember the day I developed my first film and photographic print. Observing a blank piece of photographic paper, quickly develop into a picture, felt close to a miracle! For the next two years, I spent all of my free time in our high school darkroom.

As I graduated from college and started to work in startups, I lost touch with photography. I did not mind, since, this journey, as a User Experience and Interface Designer in tech, was equaly exciting.

In 2010, when Instagram launched, I immediately knew this app will be on my home screen for years to come! I started my @sanfrancisco handle and began to share photos from my daily adventures in the beautiful city of San Francisco.

Sasha Zvereva - @sanfrancisco